2022 – The Peacock, screenplay based on the novel by Isabel Bogdan, for eitelsonnenschein and Tobis, directed by Lutz Heineking Jr., starring Lavinia Wilson, Annette Frier, Tom Schilling, David Kross, Jürgen Vogel

2022 – Kamelle, comedy feature film for eitelsonnenschein and RTL (in develoment)

2021 – Husk, sci-fi-show for Alexander Ferwer and U5, with Marina Alves and Dominik Hochwald (in development)

2019 – Between two Worlds, historical multi-part series for ARD and ffp new media, with Ben von Roenne, Jo Baier and Johannes Rotter, directed by Dror Zahavi, starring Elisa Schlott, Reomy D. Mpeho, Jonas Nay

2019 – UK 1, head of a writer’s room for Saxonia Media and Sat.1

2018 – Lucid, sci-fi novel published by Bastei Lübbe, with Dennis Todorovic

2018 – Spoil Doch!, stand up-show for Dominik Porschen

2017 – Professor T, headwriter of season 2 for Rowboat TV and ZDF, directed by Thomas Jahn, starring Matthias Matschke

2015 – Life on Laika, sci-fi film, with Dennis Todorovic, awarded with the Wim Wenders Scholarship, (in development)


Christoph Mathieu
Foto: Thomas Jahn

Christoph Mathieu is a screenwriter who lives and works in Cologne. He specializes in drama, crime, comedy and science fiction. His work includes the ARD multi-part series Between two Worlds, which was aired in November 2021. In 2023 Christoph’s first feature film The Peacock will be  shown in German cinemas. Christoph was headwriter of the second season of the ZDF crime series Professor T. In 2015, he was awarded with the Wim Wenders Scholarship together with Dennis Todorovic for the Si-Fi screenplay Life on Laika.

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